6th International Mugla Beekeeping & Pine Honey Congress PHOTO CONTEST

01- Name of the Contest: 'Honey Journey of the Beekeeper'

02- Purpose of the Contest:
With this theme, we are looking forward to have the photos of the journey of a Beekeeper after the Honey and the Flowers.

03- Rules:
Participation is free of charge.

Contest will be organized in digital format. Coloured and black & White photos will be evaluated together.

All professional/amateur beekeepers and photo artists are invited to participate in the contest except the Jury members and the family members of the Jury.

Contenders can participate in the contest with maximum 4 photos.

There is no technical delimitation for the photos.

A photo editor program can be used without changing the main feature of the object. up objen feature is not damaged. However, if the visual or technical quality in digital media is changed significantly, the photo will be eliminated.

Any photo which is awarded in any contest before can not participate in the contest. If it is defined so, participant will be disqualified. Participant approves that he/she has all the copyright of the photos in the contest.

The award-winning photos and the photos that wins the right to be exhibited will be announced in the congress web page.

Winners has to participate in the congress personally. If not the jury can change the award to other participant.

04- Copyright & Right to use:
Participant agrees to give the right to use the award winning photo to the Congress and the Mugla Beekeepers' Association with the name of the participant the name of the photo. Copyright of the photos participated in the contest belongs to the owner of the photo, Congress and the Mugla Beekeepers' Association.

Participant approves that he/she won't get back the copyright and ban the Congress and Association to use the photo. Photos can be used in the documents, publications etc. of the Mugla Beekeepers Association free of charge.

Photos in the contest can be published as a book, in a journal, newspaper with the name of the participant. Participant agrees that any person seen in the photo also agrees these conditions. The liability of any dispute that may arise belongs to the participant.

Mugla Beekeepers' Association may ask the original files of the photos from the participant.

05- Naming and Sending the Photos:
Photos has to be sent to foto@muglacongress.org via e-mail and has to be named as below;
Step 1: First two character of the file name has to be the country code like TR for Turkey.
Step 2: After that name of the participant has to be shortened (For example sbestoy or stbestoy for a participant named Samil Tuncay Bestoy )
Step 3: Number of the photo has to be included as figures as 1 to 4. For example: 'TRstbestoy01', 'TRstbestoy02', 'TRstbestoy03', 'TRstbestoy04'

The photos that has been sent should not contain any name, date, logo or signature.

Photos has to be in jpg/jpeg format at minimum 1mb and maximum 4 mb.

06- Contest Secretariat:
Samil Tuncay BESTOY
Phone: 532 451 54 40
E-mail : foto@muglacongress.org

07- Jury (In alphabetical order according to surname):
Samil Tuncay BESTOY Environment and Bee Protection Association
Asistant Prof. Dr. Cengiz Erkan Van 100.Yil University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Onur Girisgin Uludag University
Ziya SAHIN President of Congress and Mugla Beekeepers Association

08- Schedule of the Contest
Starting Date : 15.02.2018
Application Deadline : 30.09.2018
Evaluation of the Jury : 07.10.2018
Notification of the Results : 08.10.2018
Exhibition and Award Ceremony : 16.10.2018